Montessori@Home Food Prep

An expertly curated activity set for the Montessori home. This set features materials for four daily life activities: 
  • Spreading on Toast
  • Cutting Cheese
  • Cutting Apples
  • Water Service

Caring for one's own daily needs fosters the child's sense of independence and belonging. 

Items in Set:
No Tie Smock Canvas Apron, Preschool Size (Optional)
Porcelain Dish
Porcelain Cup for Spread
Plastic Knife
Bamboo Cutting Board
Porcelain Cup for Toothpicks
Stainless Steel Apple Cutter
Stainless Steel Tongs with Silicone Hand-Shaped Tips
Vintage Porcelain Pitcher
Glass Drinking Cup
Lacquered Wooden Tray
Waterproof Canvas Table Protector*
Wooden Napkin Ring
Woven Wood Basket

* Table Protector is hand wash and air dry only