Care of Plants


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An expertly curated activity set for the Montessori classroom and home. Includes a vintage porcelain floral-print watering can, with gold-rimmed at the opening, spout and handle; an inspiring cotton towel, and dish with our signature hand-crafted sponge. Caring for Plants invites the child to focus on nature and the pleasure of nurturing living things. 

Items in Set:
Adjustable Tie Canvas Apron, Preschool size, Preschool Size (Optional)
Vintage Porcelain Watering Can
Cotton Towel
MontessoriVERO Flower-Shaped Sponge
Flower Profile Porcelain Dish
Lacquered Paulownia Wood Rounded Corner Tray
Waterproof  Canvas Table Protector*
Wooden Napkin Ring

* Table Protector is hand wash and air dry only.